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Thinking About Windows 10, Chromebook, and the Education Market (Premium)

A recent report from Futuresource does provide some good news for Microsoft. But it also hints at a Chromebook future […]

Microsoft Brings OneDrive’s New Look Out of Beta on Android

Redmond is bringing the new and improved design for OneDrive on Android to all users after months of testing. I […]

Google Releases a Stripped-down Version of Android for Entry-Level Devices

Google announced its plans for a stripped-down version of Android back at Google I/O earlier this year. The company is […]

Much Ado About Nothing on Smartphone Pricing (Premium)

04 Dec 17 | Android, iOS, Mobile, Premium, Windows

With flagship smartphone pricing finally hitting the $1000 threshold, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing. To access this post, you […]

OK Google, Why Should We Trust You to Make Hardware? (Premium)

You’ve probably heard the oft-spouted phrase, “hardware is hard.” Well, it’s true. Just ask Google. To access this post, you […]

Google Daydream View: Mobile VR, One Year Later (Premium)

Google’s most elegant mobile VR solution doesn’t get a lot of attention from what I can tell. So maybe it’s […]

OnePlus 5T Review: We Have a Winner

The OnePlus 5T offers a modern design, a stunning 18:9 display, crazy-fast facial recognition, and more for about half the […]

PWA Support is Coming to Firefox for Android

Firefox 58 for Android will bring support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here’s an early look at how this will […]