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Health Hacking: Diet and Nutrition (Premium)

10 Dec 17 | Paul, Premium, Windows

This past week, I marked the one-year anniversary of my low-carb/ketogenic diet. Here’s how it went, and why I will […]

Behind the Scenes: Maui, 2017 (Premium Video)

This week, Paul and I were in Maui for the Snapdragon Summit. As we have done with the all of […]

Thinking About Windows 10, Chromebook, and the Education Market (Premium)

A recent report from Futuresource does provide some good news for Microsoft. But it also hints at a Chromebook future […]

Ask Paul: December 8 (Premium)

08 Dec 17 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Thanks to everyone for the questions this week. I’m flying home from Hawaii today and overnight… To access this post, […]

What if This is the Future of Windows? (Premium)

Discussions this week have me wondering if Microsoft isn’t secretly plotting a future for Windows that actually makes sense. To […]

A Few Windows 10 on Snapdragon Questions, Answered (Premium)

Everyone is understandably excited about the first Windows 10 on ARM PCs. But we have questions. Today, I got a […]

Intel Makes Its Case for Always Connected PCs (Premium)

Credit Qualcomm for drumming up tons of excitement for Always Connected PCs. But it’s not just Qualcomm. To access this […]

The Always Connected PC is the Future of the Platform (Premium)

By taking on the best attributes of mobile devices, the venerable PC will live to fight another day. To access […]